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Where are all the Angels?



... Now, Jesus is the Captain of the angel army

so if you’re ever afraid and don’t know what to do...

Just ask Jesus and his angels to send help from Heaven

for they are ready and able to protect you!



New Series!

Power Tots


Young Warrior


Putting the supernatural back into teaching god's children!

"Nothing mainstream media creates can compare to the TRUTH of what God is willing to do, supernaturally, in every child's life - especially right now in this new divine movement where we are experiencing open heavens, divine encounters, and more power and revelation than ever. It's time kids know who they are in Christ!" Lily Herndon Weaks, President

New 2 part children's book series puts the supernatural BACK into

God's Kingdom and Creation


Gorgeously illustrated picture book and curriculum series for Preschool-K5 and for Young Readers
fills the Biblical gap left in mainstream media


Date: April, 2019


CHARLESTON, SC -- Becoming discouraged at the lackluster Biblical education materials available to teach children about God during the most crucial phase of their development, publisher Lily Herndon Weaks began to feel a Heavenly directive to fill the gap with materials that illustrate the most powerful truths about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Heavenly Kingdom. Featuring gorgeous illustrations and simple prose that cuts directly to the heart of the matter of each title, the F&V seeks to empower children being led astray by false messages about the supernatural from mainstream entertainment and to spark in their young minds and hearts a fierce desire to discover more about their Heavenly Father and to forge a lasting, DIRECT relationship with Him.


"It's time kids know who they are and what they have in Christ!"


"It's perplexing why children aren't being taught the extraordinary, the supernatural, the awe-inspiring aspects of the Bible and God's Creation and Kingdom," says the F&V President. "Kids are inundated with the supernatural in virtually every aspect of media and entertainment and yet it is seldom coming from a Biblical perspective. And, sadly, a word we often hear when educators receive materials from typical and denominational church-based organizations is 'boring' - it's just inconceivable that kids don't get that Jesus, unlike these mythological characters, is REAL! GOD IS REAL! And He is bringing supernatural events to the earth and to His people all the time! The Holy Spirit teaches, inspires, protects, even tells the future! Kids need to know that the God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit of the Bible is for THEM, personally, in their own, real lives. That's exactly why we created this new series."


In an age where public school is blatantly pushing anti-Christian agendas and re-defining "normal" and acceptable lifestyles and behaviors in confusing ways, and where creative classes and playtimes are sacrificed to testing, testing, and more testing, school becomes an eight-hour, mind-numbing "corporate job" experience resulting in higher stress levels and more behavioral and psychological issues than ever. Parents are leaving public schools for alternative education in droves - and through curriculum and books like these (and much more to come for all grade levels), we want to be part of the solution they are looking for! 


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