New Children’s Book Answers the Question: “Where are all the Angels?”


Gorgeously illustrated picture book series puts the SUPER 

back into God’s Supernatural Creation! 


Date: April, 2019


CHARLESTON, SC — When Sunday school and religious school teachers approached award-winning indie publisher The Fig & The Vine for materials that weren’t “tired” and “cartoony” at the same moment author Christopher Paul Carter submitted a beautifully crafted story asking questions that kids love to ask about angels, everyone involved knew something special was happening. 


“Nothing mainstream media creates can compare to the truth of what God is doing, supernaturally,

in every child’s life! It’s time kids know who they are are in Christ!”


“It’s the perfect storm,” says President and Editor Lily Herndon Weaks,  “…kids are inundated with the supernatural in virtually every aspect of media and yet it is seldom coming from a Biblical perspective. When we united author Christopher Paul Carter with Illustrator Skye Como Miller we knew we could begin our series and their journey into the supernatural REALITY of God’s Creation and Kingdom!” 


Gorgeously illustrated angels based on Biblical and real-life angelic encounters seem to leap off the pages as the sweet, rhyming storyline carries young readers through glimpses of just of few of God’s heavenly helpers. The first in the Power Tots Series, Where are All the Angels? not only shows kids some gorgeous angels, it challenges them to talk personally to God and to Jesus about their OWN guardian angels and His plan for their young lives. 


The accompanying Bible verses and exercises help parents and teachers lead children further into this fascinating glimpse into God’s Kingdom. Additional curriculum and bonus materials allow educators to expand this theme while grounding kids in Biblical truths that are unshakeable. 



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