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The Fig & The Vine Media Services
The Fig & The Vine Publishing and Consulting Services Explained:

The Fig & The Vine has always had as a main goal the ideal of producing authors who are true entrepreneurs - what we refer to as "AuthorPreneurs". The publishing industry offers more opportunities for authors than ever - but there are more challenges as well. Authors who are not serious business people do not enjoy success and satisfaction in their experience - whether they seek a large, mainstream publishing house, an independent experience or anything in between.                                                                                                                                               
In keeping with this priority, the F&V has transitioned from being a hybrid publishing house, providing both traditional and self publishing opportunities to select authors, to being more of a publishing co-op, with authors retaining the F&V imprint while enjoying full ownership of their respective titles and the titles' earnings as well. 


We offer a variety of writing, editing, and consulting services to authors for any stage of their journey. These services include:

Copy Editing
Content Editing
Reading / Evaluation 
Consulting / Title / Market Evaluation
Ghost Writing / Co Authoring

Not sure what you need? Use the contact form and send us some scoop on where you're at with your title. We'll be more than happy to help you figure out your options and your next step. 

What is your cost?​

We like to give our potential clients some ballpark figures so they can know what to expect. While we work with each client to give them the best value possible, our standard fees are as follows:

Copy Editing: $75 per hour
Content Editing: $75 per hour
Read-through and Evaluation: $35 - $45 flat rate and usually around $1 per page. This includes what's called a "light edit" with a detailed summary of suggestions for the title, along with organizational advice, market advice, etc. 

*We do offer a significant discount for qualifying non-profit and ministry-related projects.  

Ghost writing and Co Author services must be negotiated on a per-project basis. 


We do not sell content or front covers for lily Magazine. We are committed to providing quality content that is genuine - and we want our readers to trust us, knowing we do not sell features. 

But we do love to hear from interesting people, businesses and organizations. If you think you've got a great story or would make a great story, please use the contact form anywhere on this site. Drop us a line, give us your pitch and we'll see what happens! 


We offer a wide array of services custom tailored to fit each, individual client. We help pitch ideas, provide superior design free of charge and can even add video production content and packages to take readers and your future customers to the next level with what you have to offer them. And guess what? It's really fun! Please use the contact form from this site if you would like to learn more about why lily Magazine IS the real deal.